Surgical luck

Lots of people have been wishing me luck on my surgery tomorrow — which has now been set up for 7:15 a.m., with a check-in time of 5:15 (so house-leaving time ca. 4:30).

Chris Waigl has produced a cartoon for the occasion:

Cartoon by Glenn Foden of Woolly Mammoth Media (homepage here).

Trust I’ll get a standard hip replacement, not something outsized.


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  2. Kathryn B Says:

    instead of luck, I wish for skill in your surgical staff. which I’m sure they have. you will be up and walking by tomorrow night most likely!

  3. Tané Tachyon Says:

    Good luck! I hope the operation goes very smoothly, and that it brings you a lot of improvement — seems like everyone I know who has had a hip or knee replacement is very happy with it and wishes they had done it sooner.

  4. h.s. gudnason Says:

    Good luck!

  5. Licia Says:

    An animal-related Italian good luck wish, in bocca al lupo!

    (literal translation: “in the mouth of the wolf”)

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