Sex comics: the kinksters

Continuing the sex comic theme from earlier postings (for instance, here and here), I turn to the raunchier side of the genre, where sexual fetishes play a significant role. As in gay porn films, this is the territory of serious leather, BDSM, watersports, domination and submission, etc. I won’t be actually depicting any of this here, but still the topic is not for kids or the sexually modest.

Four practitioners: Josman, who does some simple boy-on-boy sex, but specializes in intergenerational sex, with a lot of piss; the major daddy of rough graphic sex, Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen); and two seriously nasty dudes, Etienne (Dom Orejudos) and The Hun (Bill Schmeling). All have appeared on this blog or AZBlogX before.

Some samples.

Josman’s 2006 booklet Handjobs, a collection of his sex comics:


On AZBlogX on 11/17/15: “Cockfest #3: Josman boy on boy”. Above you see his major preoccupation.

Then some Tom of Finland items: the three Retrospective volumes (I in 1988, II in 1991, III in 1997) put out by the Tom of Finland Foundation. Number II, with a cover showing a dominant ToF guy:


Eventually, Taschen put out the XXL volume, edited by Dian Hanson (2010). Postings on ToF here:

from 8/2/10, “Who is this message intended for?”: on Tom of Finland XXL and other Tom of Finland material

from 8/6/10, “The Tom of Finland action figure”

from 4/16/14, “Finnish stamp surprise”: Tom of Finland stamp

Then Etienne. in a series of booklets. Here’s a rare one with a non-X-rated cover (most of the covers feature humongous cocks):


Etienne gay cartoons are featured in a 1/1/16 AZBlogX posting, “BDSM holidays” (#2-4).

And The Hun, who’s as nasty as they come. Here’s the cover (not actually X-rated, but reeking of mansex) of Dehner & Hawkins (eds.), The Hun Book (1995)


Etienne and the Hun are both featured in a 1/23/13 AZBlogX posting “Piss porn2: background” (Etienne in #1, The Hun in #2), using piss as an element of humiliation in their dominance displays.

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