Sex comics: Brad Parker / Ace Moorcock

Gay comics — and more generally, LGBT comics of all sorts — are not necessarily about having sex, but since being LGBT is itself about sexual identity, orientation, and desire, sexual relations figure directly or indirectly in such comics: coming out (in several senses), partnerships and their pleasures and travails, coping with the same-sex sexual marketplace, life in sexual subcultures: all these matters, and more, are central to cartoons and comics in LGBT worlds, though many of these works are not pointedly about sex, celebrating it for its own sake or seeking to arouse the reader sexually. But some are: they’re sex comics, sometimes explicitly labeled as such.

So we come to Brad Parker’s 1988 book Oh Boy!, subtitled Sex Comics:


Plenty of steamy content.

The back cover text:

The drawings in Oh Boy! are a reflection of life and adventure as seen and fantasized by Brad Parker — from the gym and beach [classic cruising locales] to outer space — an artist who is certainly in overdrive. Included are such strips as “Jason,” [written under the sexy-jokey pseudonym Ace Moorcock] “Great Action Yarns Featuring Max Puma Space Hero,” [taking over the territory of action-adventure and superhero comics] “Big Dicked Cocksucking Surfers,” “Bedwyr,” and lots of weird to rib-breaking funny cartoons in one and six-panel format.

Jason, in an extremely rare image that’s not X-rated:


Bonus from the last page of the book: Parker, looking very cute, intently at work in 1988 (with a statement of artistic purpose):


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