Implied text

A wordless cartoon from Maria Scrivan’s Half Full, caught in the January 2015 Funny Times:

There’s no text, but the implied text is the idiom breed like rabbits. Apparently, bunny slippers breed like proverbial rabbits.

From the Oxford Dictionaries site on breed like rabbits:

informal Reproduce prolifically: they drank like fishes and bred like rabbits

Some additional examples from this site:

Indeed, the main reason for the continued increase in world population is, in the words of a UN consultant, ‘not that people suddenly started breeding like rabbits; it’s just that they stopped dying like flies’ .

He is trying to prevent bunnies breeding like rabbits.

As for those damned geese, covering our footpaths with droppings, the things breed like rabbits and, on more than one occasion, have stopped traffic as they saunter across our roads.

Maria Scrivan’s site lists places where her work gets published (including the daily Half Full comic on GoComics), but provides no personal information (past a nice photo of her with her cat).

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