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From Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky, this photograph of a parking lot sign (one in a series):

Elizabeth writes:

I like parking lot arrows. They have more character than they’re supposed to. But black and white is dull and insufficiently metaphorical.

Found art in the artifacts of modern life. (A search on “parking lot arrows” pulls up a lot of images, but not many this interesting.)

One class of artifacts that has attracted the rapt attention of photographers (and artists): manhole covers. There are lots of links on the sites Manhole Covers as Works of Art and Drainspotting, and several books, among them:

Mimi Melnick & Robert Melnick, Manhole Covers (MIT Press, 1994)

Remo Camerota, Drainspotting: Japanese Manhole Covers (Mark Batty, 2010)

[Added later in the day: another arrow from EDZ, this one Go Right:


[And now, on the 10th, another, Where To Be, in two versions:

Elizabeth’s comment:

It’s always a delicate question whether to go for vivid or for the ability to see the texture of the original paint. Both of these lean towards texture, but only mildly.

The rabbit in the moon?]

[And now: Two or Three Arrows:


Photography would be so much easier if I could hover in mid-air. But instead, you get interesting perspective effects.]

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    Some street elements are also bright and colourful, f.e. these manhole covers:

    Creative photos you have (Yoddish)

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