On the garmmra watch: The Oatmeal

From Alon Lischinsky on Google+ this morning:

The Oameal has a series of “Grammar” posters berating, sometimes quite aggressively, some typical mistakes. Unsurprisingly, none of them are really grammatical; rather, they concern spelling, punctuation, or disputed word usage (i.e., “irony”). One more for Arnold Zwicky’s garmmra watch.

The posters, almost all old acquaintances:

flesh out vs. flush out (an idea): in ecdb



i.e. (vs. e.g.)

uses of the semicolon

uses of the apostrophe

“ten words you need to stop misspelling”: lose / loose, weird not wierd, their / they’re / there, your / you’re, it’s / its, definitely not definately, effect / affect, weather / whether, a lot not alot, then / than [for $20 you can buy spelling poster: “Perfect for classrooms, the office, or at home”]



2 Responses to “On the garmmra watch: The Oatmeal”

  1. Tim Wilson Says:

    Garmmra is really neat // He is filled with turtle meat // We all love you // Garmmra!

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