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From Judith Thurman’s profile of cartoonist Alison Bechdel in the New Yorker:

The most prominent piece of art on her studio walls is a gigantic poster of Tintin, who looks a twin of [Bechdel’s character] Mo. so I presumed that he had inspired Bechdel’s avatar. “I can see it,” she said, though it wasn’t conscious. “Mo is me, not Tintin.”

The certainly share their quiffs.

On Tintin and his quiff, see here (and here); and on Joost Swarte’s character Jopo and his (gigantic) quiff, see here. Bechtel/Mo’s quiff is quite modest in comparison. Here’s Bechdel drawing Mo:

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Comments on Facebook: Chris Ambidge said he could see the Tintin / Mo and Mo / Alison similarities, but found the similarity between Alison Bechdel and Rachel Maddow much more compelling, and added the younger kd lang as well. Then Corry Wyngaarden:

    You don’t think there is such a thing as “Lesbian Fashion Trends”? Some butches would put “Ruby the Fop” to shame. Including cosmetic surgery (mastectomy) to make sure the pressed shirt sits on a crisp angle. I am not making this up, however, I do understand how important it is.

    And Tané Tachyon:

    DTWOF characters Lois and Ginger sometimes have quiffs as well, and as far as looking like other fictional characters goes, there was also the time that Mo got a “Great Harry Potter costume!” reaction from a child in a bookstore.

  2. Tané Tachyon Says:

    One more Tintin tie-in: So this morning I sat down on the floor to pet my cat, and while I was on the floor I started looking through some of the cartoon books on a lower shelf, one of which was “Dykes to Watch Out For – The Sequel”, which contains a stand-alone story “Serial Monogamy”. In “Serial Monogamy”, when the narrator is 21 and getting really excited reading feminist books and listening to feminist music while stoned, one of the books in front of her is “Tintin Meets the Amazons”. A few pages later, after ten years of piling-up-ex’s relationship drama, she’s now sitting in bed reading “Tintin Meets the Shakers” while singing “Simple Gifts” and briefly considering celibacy.

  3. Tané Tachyon Says:

    And one more: I enjoyed the brief Alison Bechdel: By the Book interview that will appear in Sunday’s New York Times, where among other things she says that her “desert-island choice” for favorite graphic novel would be the two-part Tintin adventure The Calculus Affair and Prisoners of the Sun.

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