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From the weekend Palo Alto Daily News (from the San Jose Mercury-News), a piece by Sue McAllister:

Hot herbivores: ‘Sexiest vegetarian’ contest has three Bay Area finalists including Santa Cruz woman

SAN JOSE – The Bay Area is already home to renowned hot-dog eating champion Joey Chestnut. And from the opposite end of the dietary spectrum it may soon boast another star: the Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door.

In a field of 10 female finalists, three local women – whose photos handily portray them as vegetarians with a certain va-va-voom – are vying for the title in the annual contest sponsored by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA.

From the imperfect alliteration of hot herbivores to the goofy premise that sexy people will make vegetarianism more attractive, it’s an entertaining contest.

The story continues:

There are also 10 male finalists in the contest. Both male and female contestants — all older than 21 — sent in seductive photos of their herbivorous selves, some racier than others. Voting for the winners, either online at or via text message, ends Monday [voting is now over].

The PETA group, once known primarily for urging people to adopt vegetarianism by publicizing photos of tortured animals being raised for food, also for several years has sponsored the more playful “sexiest vegetarian” contests.

The Bay Area had three female finalists but no men. To illustrate the raciness factor, here are two of the finalists, Tiana Rae from San Jose and Zachary from Brooklyn, from the PETA site:

(Zachary: “No animals were harmed in the making of this body.”)

The two winners — one female, one male, to be announced on May 21st — will get a free trip to Hawaii (where they can have all the poi they want, but no pork or mahimahi).

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  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    Local style food isn’t all that easy to find in Hawai’i, though it can be done.

    When you mash up taro roots is that called poiesis?

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