mandingo party

Somewhere in the middle of my “Go H+A+R+D” posting on Wednesday, I wrote about the (invented) name M-Dig:

The name was meant to suggest, at considerable distance, mandingo, now slang for ‘black man with a huge dick’, ultimately from the ethnonym Mandingo, for a West African tribe. Possibly through the medium of a book, a play, and a movie, Mandingo came to connote intense black sexuality, threatening and emasculating to white men in general, but attractive to many gay white men (especially in the South) as a symbol of virility.

More specifically, mandingo indexes a stereoype of black men as big, powerful, big dicked, oversexed, and hot for white women — thus constituting a sexual threat to white women and an emasculating threat to (straight) white men.

In a comment on that posting, Arne Adolfsen reported hearing mandingo party as the name of some social practice (which he was unfamiliar with). My first guess was that the expression referred to an event in which white men would “teach the mandingos a lesson” or “put the mandingos in their place”, by physically assaulting black men, or even lynching them; such things have happened and continue to happen. But I can find no evidence at all for this usage of mandingo party.

What I did find is the expression used to refer to a black gangbang of a white woman, and, more specifically, to a particular variety of such an event, in which white men are (willingly) cuckolded by mandingos. The ways of sexual and racial relations are varied and, often, dismaying.

First, the simple gangbang, as in this image of a party about to get going:

(There will be no more illustrations, though you can find mandingo-party porn on the net. However, the porn might just be staged.)

Let’s back up a bit. From Arne:

Young and ostensibly straight white guys here in semi-rural northwestern Georgia nervously joke about such fanciful things as “mandingo parties”, as in “That tent looks like it’d be big enough for a mandingo party” — har har. What is the “har har” here? It’s not the kind of subject I’d care to explore with ill-educated and armed rednecks a third my age so I mostly just don’t react.

From Urban Dictionary, the second definition for mandingo party:

A mandingo party is an interracial orgy arranged for single black men (called bulls) to have sex with or gangbang white wives or daughters in front of their white husbands or fathers (called cucks).

In the legend, or fantasy, the cucks do the arranging — solicit the bulls and supply the (at least compliant, more likely enthusiastic) woman for the party. The emotional payoff for a cuck is a combination of being humiliated by the (more powerful, more virile) bulls and forging a sexual connection to the bulls through his woman. This is very much like the payoff of a gay mandingo party for the gay white man who is the mandingos’ target, except that there the sexual connection is direct and intense; see my posting of the 10th on “The black gangbang fantasy” (for gay white men).

Both sorts of gangbang are legendary, in the sense that stories about them circulate by word of mouth or staged performances on film and video, to men who have never participated in, or even seen, such an event in real life. Some white men convert the legends into powerful fantasies (of being the cuck if the guy is straight, the target if he’s gay), but for most guys these are just stories, to snicker nervously about, or pant in arousal about, depending on their tastes.

I’m not saying that consensual interracial gangbangs (in which a straight white woman or a gay white man is willingly fucked by a crowd of black men) have never happened in real life, but if they have, they are surely rare, very much rarer than their occurrence in porn and imagination would suggest. Look, consensual gangbangs in general (with men of whatever race and ethnicity doing the banging) are not all that common, though they do occur in real life; mostly, it’s just one or two guys doing the banging. Same with bukkake: the group events, though the stuff of legend and fantasy, are vanishingly rare; but both straight women and gay men have been known to get facials on occasion from one or two male partners.


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