Jockstrap with a rainbow pouch

(The title pretty much tells the story. This is a spin-off from a posting yesterday, and it doesn’t have much to do with language. On the other hand, there are no blunt descriptions of man-man sex or anything like that. Just the jockstraps.)

Yesterday’s posting “Go H+A+R+D” had a section on the Strap Jock pictured in #1 there and its differences from the classic jockstrap. That led me back into the astounding world of jockstraps and the men who love them — a huge and varied world of websites (like The Underwear Expert), companies that design jocks, companies that sell them, and blogging by fans. With tons and tons of photos.

Background. Your basic jock is a piece of athletic gear for men, worn under athletic clothing and designed to support and to some degree protect a man’s genitals during sports or other active endeavors (bicycling, working out, etc.).  It has three components: an elastic waistband, a support pouch for the genitals in front, and two straps (one for each leg) that attach to the waistband at one end and to the base of the pouch at the other. Some pouches are designed so that the wearer can insert a protective cup in them. The classic jock is white or off-white in color, but sporting goods stores usually carry models in other “masculine” colors — black or various shades of gray.

The classic jock highlights the genitals in front (cradled in the pouch) and the buttocks in the back (framed by the straps and open to the world), so it’s ripe for sexualization (it highlights the two foci of gay male sexual desire), all the more so because of its high-masculinity associations — with men’s sports, locker rooms, and the male sweat the pouch absorbs. Gay men have fetishized even the most conventional of jocks.

The degree of sexualization is muted somewhat in two hybrid garments: the jock brief,  brief in front and jock in back; and the support brief (aka sports brief), resembling a jock in front but a brief in back (where it has a back panel).

But then we move to fashion jockstraps, displaying a sense of style through color (pretty much any color you can think of, including eye-popping neon colors), fabric or material (pouches of leather, lace, crocheted mesh, see-through material, whatever), and modifications in design, often in extraordinary ways. From The Underwear Expert site on 8/9/13, “Where to Shop: The Top Ten Fashion Jockstrap Brands” by Christopher Hernandez, with a remarkable image for each of the ten brands

Baskit, C-IN2, Go Softwear, Good Devil, Gregg Homme, Jack Adams, Modus Vivendi, N2N, Nasty Pig, Pump

These brands are all gay-oriented, and their wares tilt rapidly from displays of style into clearly sexual displays: sexwear that would probably not work in the locker room (unless it’s a really really gay locker room), but would fly in a setting where you want to advertise your dick or your ass (or both) quite directly, while still preserving the emotional appeals of a jockstrap: trolling for sex in a gay bathhouse, at a gay sex party, or with a partner in private.

Riding the Rainbow. Background music: Elvis Presley singing “Riding the Rainbow”, from the 1962 movie Kid Galahad, which you can watch on YouTube here.

Now that we’re had the jockstrap tour, let’s ride the rainbow. There’s a “Rainbow postings” Page on this blog, with three Pages under it, including a “Rainhow underwear” Page, with two postings on it with rainbow jockstraps. It turns out that there are two ways to ride the rainbow in your underwear: subtly, with a rainbow waistband; and boldly, with a rainbow body. You might not get grief sporting a rainbow waistband in a typical locker room, but a rainbow body amounts to a declaration of identity that might not fly in such a locker room; a fair number of straight guys are uncomfortable (ok, unreasonably, but still uncomfortable) about hanging out naked or nearly so with an openly gay guy.

In any case, the first of these postings, from 8/6/10, has a number of guys in underwear, including a jockstrap, that has a rainbow waistband but is otherwise not highly sexualized.

The second posting, from 8/21/10, is on rainbow jockstraps specifically, most with rainbow waistbands, but then there’s this number, from Activeman (or ActiveMan), with a rainbow pouch:


This Rainbow Pride jock has a narrow white waistband and white straps; narrow-band jocks are known as swimmer’s jocks or swimmer jocks; the narrow band allows the jock to be worn under a swimsuit without showing. The rainbow stripes are vertical.

Now, the fruits of yesterday’s jockstrap searches. First, another Activeman Rainbow Pride jock, with a black waistband and straps:


This is a larger image, in which you can see the fabric of the pouch (from the Activeman site: 96% poly / 4% Spandex for extra support and shrink resistance). It looks comfortable.

The Rainbow Pride jock is available in all four combinations of color and waistband width (broad and narrow).

Activeman has been around for quite some time. From its site:

The Activeman Designer Jocks. The #1 Choice for Athletes and Today’s Active Man. Quality jocks made in the USA since 1898

The firm is obviously gay-supportive.

Next, another firm with an interesting history, Joe Snyder, and its entry is the Joe Snyder Rainbow:


This is a scoop jock. with an opening at the top of the pouch, a thin white waistband and straps, and horizontal stripes. (Lots of firms make scoop jocks, but this is the only one I’ve found in rainbow.) On the opening, from the Joe Snyder website:

The Joe Snyder Jockstrap provides traditional jockstrap support, but with a twist. The opening on top allows for a sneak peak at what’s below.

Probably more significantly, the wearer can fish his dick out easily, to piss or for sex.

(The pouch looks to me to be on the small side, so this jock might not be for everyone.)

On the history, from the site Topdrawers: The Men’s Underwear Experts Since 1992!:

In 1958, Mr. Jesús Vargas Abín established in México ‘De Vargas’, a store where he sold men’s clothing, underwear and accessories. In 1977 Mr. José Vargas Snyder started working with his father.

I’d guess that José Vargas Snyder is gay, because the firm’s underwear is now way gay, and its jockstraps in particular are mostly sexwear, many of them quite extraordinary.

Next up: the Jor (or JOR) company, with this rainbow model, another horizontally striped (conventionally attached) pouch, in white with a medium-width waistband:


On the company, something of a rave from The Underwear Expert

Founded in 2000 by Javier Ortega, former creative director of Gigo underwear, Jor Underwear fights for no specific demographic, but instead makes underwear for people around the world. The brand, based in Medellin, Colombia, is made for those who enjoy the vibrancy of the Latin spirit, and now they can enjoy it in the form of a long lasting and durable pair of skivvies.

Jor Underwear comes in the styles of briefs, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, jock straps, as well as other undergarments like tank tops, board shorts and t-shirts. Created with fabric such as microfibers, nylon/lycra and supplex combinations, Jor underwear strives to provide its wearers with complete comfortability.

Ortega’s goal is to create a garment that allows men to feel 100% sexy and safe at the same time and to be able to freely express his sexuality and show of all of his hard work on his body. “As today’s man is very active from dawn till dusk, you will feel just as confident wearing Jor to the office, the gym, or out on the town,” Ortega said.

Jor underwear is made with 100% Latin spirit, and all of the brand’s collections focus on comfort in fit, high quality construction, top of line fabrics as well as an incredible style. The brand’s designs can feature striking patterns and designs essential to Latin heritage while also offering simpler styling of underwear with solid, bold colors.

Whether you go for a eye-catching design or pattern in your underwear or a bright red mesh look, Jor Underwear can provide you with the right product.

Jor makes some really handsome, and not especially extravagant, underwear and swimwear.

On to Diesel, a big operation that offers stylish but not extravagant underwear, including a horizontally striped rainbow jock (gray waistband and straps) in very bright colors, with the rainbow broken up by bands of white:


(The same pattern is available in a boxer.)

Diesel has an on-line store that sells not only underwear and swimwear, but also jeans, other clothes, shoes, wallets, jewelry, watches, and more. And it has bricks-and-mortar stores in Big Gay Cities, mostly in California: L.A., Santa Monica, San Diego, NYC, and S.F.

Finally, NDS Wear. No, I don’t know what the initials stand for. A lot of their underwear and jockstraps is extravagant sexwear, and much of it is gay-themed. Here are two odd rainbow-pouch  jocks, not representing the gay flag, but using the colors of the flag in patterns: snake-skin scales and a  geometric pattern:



(Yes, the very same image in every detail. Only the pouch varies.)

From the website (not edited):

We are one of the premier designer label brands of men’s apparel.

We have a wonderful selection of Men’s underwear and mens swimwear including thongs for men or jockstraps, buy your sexy mens costumes and much more by NDS WEAR

(including sheer underwear and jockstraps, giving the wearer an entirely visible dick.)

The company is based in Phoenix AZ, but I don’t know anything else beyond what’s above.

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