Portmanteau inventory: addendum

Missing from my inventory of portmanteau postings: a number of postings by Ben Zimmer that I didn’t catch because they used the term blend rather than portmanteau:

BZ, 11/2/05: Squabbles over “Scalito” (link)

BZ, 12/20/05: Merry Kitzmas! (link)

BZ, 12/26/05: Kenzi, Camerair. and other hybrid beasts (link)

BZ, 12/29/05: Does sisomo have sisomomentum? (link)

BZ, 12/30/05: From Nabisco to Nanowrimo (link)

BZ, 1/3/06: Happy Abramoffukkah! (link)

BZ, 1/29/06: The cran-morphing of –dango (link)

BZ, 3/30/06: Twonk! (link)

BZ, 4/9/06: A fishapod called Tiktaalik (link)

BZ, 9/5/06: The surreptitious history of –licious (link)

BZ, 10/5/06: Malaysia cracks down on “salad language” (link)

BZ, 1/20/07: Celeb-u-rama (link)

BZ, 12/2/07: Suggestive blending with Satchel and Bucky (link)

BZ, 4/3/08: Saying it wrong on porpoise (link)

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