Inventory of portmanteau postings

Another inventory, this time of postings on portmanteau words. (Postings are from Language Log unless labeled “AZBlog”.)

BZ, 10/30/05: The first “Fitzmas” (link)

BZ, : 11/1/05: A perilous portmanteau? (link)

BZ, 1/24/06: Blawgs, phonolawgically speaking (link)

AZ, 9/4/06: -Vlicious invention (link)

BZ, 9/14/06: Taxonation without representation (link) [folksonomy]

ML, 11/25/06: Morphemedar (link)

AZ, 3/1/07: Get Fuzzy gets playful (link)

AZ, 5/12/07: Zippy’s suffixiness (link)

BZ, 7/6/08: Wankerism in the Times (link) [wanksta]

AZ, 7/12/08: Muslimentalist (link)

AZBlog, 12/22/08: Portmansnow words (link)

AZBlog, 12/27/08: Manecdotes and brobituaries (link)

AZBlog, 1/29/09: Drats! (link)

AZBlog, 5/22/09: Saddlebacking (link)

AZBlog, 8/18/09: Diplomatic trip lingo (link) [townterview]

AZBlog, 8/24/09: Portmanteaus (link)

AZBlog, 8/25/09: Meme hybrid alert (link) [memebrid]

AZ, 7/6/09: Linguablog (link)

VM, 8/22/09: Quadrilingual washlet instructions (link)

BZ, 8/22/09: Bloggingheads: Of Cronkiters and corpora, of fishapods and FAIL (link)

ML, 9/9/09: The Germans have a word for it (link) [schadenfreude portmanteaus]

AZBlog, 10/11/09: Euro-words (link)

AZBlog, 11/17/09: Portmanteau crop (link)

AZBlog, 11/30/09: Douchefag (link)

AZBlog, 12/9/09: Spork (link)

AZ, 12/21/09: Buzzwords of 2009 (link)

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  2. Neal Says:

    I’ve blogged about them a few times.

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