Mammoth matters

My life is occasionally enlivened by mammuthiana — mammoth-oriented items (artifacts, books, humor, artistic representations, etc.) that are amusing, touching, scientifically interesting, whatever. To soothe my surgical days, Max Meredith Vasilatos has sent me one of these: a truly giant t-shirt (XL, but very very generous) depicting an impressive woolly mammoth. A photo of me modeling the clothing, with the tusks pointing suggestively towards my crotch (crotch not shown here):

The woolly mammoth is one of my totem animals (these days my primary one): see some history here., so the shirt was much appreciated.

(Another recent mammoth t-shirt here.)


5 Responses to “Mammoth matters”

  1. Gregory Stump Says:

    An amazing image: a picture of a mammoth by a person who actually saw one alive, from the Pech-Merle cave in southern France.

  2. maxvasilatos Says:

    no way to predict that it would be too big… wear it as pjs… glad you like it 🙂

  3. Paul Clapham Says:

    And have you been to The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota?

    Although you might get no farther than the gift shop, which has mammoth memorabilia on sale in fairly large quantities.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      To Paul C.: I’m still innocent of South Dakota (though not of its northern counterpart). Wary of mammuthiana, though: it all could end up in my living in a mammoth-bone frame house, or something like that, in the gripof a woolly obsession.

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