From Ann Burlingham on July 4 (slightly edited):

I’m plowing through the second season of “Bones” when a character explains his familiarity with a topless college woman site by saying “I clicked on a pop-up and got caught in a pornado”.

Naturally, I love the word “pornado” [porn + tornado]. I wasn’t surprised to find it wasn’t new: the Urban Dictionary entry (here) gave me a smile.

Of course I wondered about other pornmanteaus (not my invention; see, for example, the site Pornmanteau – The Word Combo Dicktionary).

So I thought about other playful porn- words. A few samples follow; I assume some of these have been invented already, but there are too many for me to check them out one by one.

1. With derivational suffixes:

pornable etc., pornacity, pornage, pornal / pornial, pornality, pornate etc., pornesce, pornesque, pornette, pornian, pornic, pornicate, pornid, pornify, pornine, pornish, pornism, pornissive, pornist, pornitude, pornity

2. With combining forms:

pornectomy, pornistics, pornitis, pornology, pornopathy, pornophilia, pornophobia, pornoscopy, pornotropic, porntuple

3. With libfixes or incipient libfixes:

pornacious, pornastrophe / porntastrophe, pornerrific, porneteria / pornoteria, pornilicous / pornalicious, pornmageddon / pornageddon, pornocaplypse / pornpocalypse, pornorarama, pornoscopic, pornotopic, pornovision, pornplex / pornoplex, porntastic, pornucopia, pornvalanche / pornalanche, pornzilla

4. Fresh portmanteaus:

pornagara / pornagra (Niagara / Viagra), pornageous (outrageous), pornalogue (dialogue), pornament (ornament), pornatography (cinematography), pornature (signature), pornbarrassment (embarrassment), porncano (volcano), pornclusion (conclusion), pornediction (benediction), porneer (pioneer), pornegy (energy, strategy), pornelligence / porntelligence (intelligence), pornfiscation (confiscation), pornfuscation (obfuscation), pornfusion (profusion, confusion, infusion), porniberating (liberating), porniction (depiction, addiction, prediction), pornigence (intelligence), porniginal (original), pornimation (animation), pornimilation (assimilation), porniography (biography), pornishment (punishment), pornisticate / pornphisticate (sophisticate), pornithology (ornithology), pornitimacy (legitimacy), pornmersion (immersion), pornologue (dialogue), pornotic (erotic), pornplosion (explosion), pornplotation (exploitation), porntíficate (pontificate), pornscape (landscape), pornservative (conservative), pornsuit (pursuit), porntentious (pretentious), porntography (photography), porntoon (cartoon), porntrusion (intrusion, extrusion), pornuberant (exuberant), porn(r)uction (instruction), pornustrator (illustrator), pornvaricate (prevaricate), pornversation (conversation), pornversion (conversion), pornvertisement (advertisement), pornvocative (provocative)

Feel free to use any of them.


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