More alliteration

Bill Griffith returns to alliterative play in today’s Zippy:

In the last round, it was all /p/. This time, it’s /f/, /t/, /s/, and back to /f/.

Fairchild Semiconductor is of course a real company (based in San Jose CA). Selwyn Selfseeker’s name might be an allusion to two long poems, Ezra Pound’s Hugh Selwyn Mauberley (1920) and Robert Frost’s The Self-Seeker (from North of Boston, 1915).


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  1. Randy Alexander Says:

    I love alliteration, but it’s a bit sad that it seems to have degenerated into simply stringing together words that start with a given letter.

    My kids and I are currently reading through The History of Middle Earth which contains most of Tolkien’s alliterative verse. And I just learned that Tolkien worked on an alliterative verse version of the Arthur story, and that it will be published later this year!

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