The No Tell Motel

(References to sex between men, with an image that’s right on the line, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

It’s out of the way, buddy
And you’ll soon get to know it well
The afternoon trick shift
At the No Tell Motel

— with apologies to Ned Sublette and his “Cheaters’ Motel”

The occasion for this posting is the 9/4 release of the Raging Stallion gay porn video No Tell Motel.

A small unassuming motel sits just off the interstate from Los Angeles to Vegas, the ‘No Tell Motel’. Twenty miles from a town in either direction, this quiet roadside motel is frequented by weary travelers and by hot guys who want to hook-up where nobody will know their business: a place where no one is watching.

The cover of the DVD, showing Drew Sebastian pronging Kirk Cummings, with Sebastian’s penis fuzzed out:


(Normally I would just crop the bottom part of the image, but I’m very fond of the sex position illustrated here, Flying Cowboy — as a satisfying acrobatic fantasy from gay porn, not as something to attempt in real life (see earlier postings on this blog).)

From the TV Tropes site on “No-Tell Motel”

“Every night in a different place / I’ll meet you tender lady / You’re my no tell lover.” —  Chicago, No Tell Lover

Also called a “fleabag hotel”, it’s the sleazy motel that rents rooms by the hour. The clerk doesn’t ask what for, and doesn’t want to know.

The No Tell Motel is where philandering affairs and criminal deals take place. Human nature being what it is, that also makes it the site of gruesome unsolved murders. Long story short, if you have something you can drink, smoke, snort, shoot, or fuck but don’t have a convenient/affordable place to carry out the activity in question at, you go here to do it.

Low-lifes on the run, prostitutes turning tricks, and the detectives who want to talk to them, will all end up here sooner or later.

And from my 2/20/20 posting “love nest”, about

the suggestion, reinforced by the choice of El Nido [‘The Nest’] as the name [of a hotel in a gay porn flick], is that it doesn’t just happen to be the locale for the young [gay] men’s assignation, but is instead a place devoted to such liaisons: it’s a love hotel — where love is a more decorous way of referring to sweaty sex; such places are sometimes bluntly referred to as fuck hotels. From Wikipedia:

A love hotel is a type of short-stay hotel found around the world operated primarily for the purpose of allowing guests privacy for sexual activities.

… In the United States and Canada, certain motels in low-income areas often serve similar functions as a Japanese love hotel. Colloquially known as “no-tell motels” or “hot-sheets joints”, these are becoming scarce as local laws increasingly require renters’ identification information to be recorded and given to law enforcement agencies.

The posting has a section on

Three poems about getting sex in lounges, bars, and motels, starting with the the briefest of encounters and working up to regular assignations on the down low.

Specifically, an AZ poem about an encounter in a bar where no last names are provided; a Tom Chandler poem about a “lounge of no last names”; and Ned Sublette’s “Cheaters’ Motel”.

A famous no-tell motel. As the Wikipedia article noted, no-tell motels have been disappearing at a great rate.

[Digression: otherwise respectable hotels often have day rates, which everyone understands are often used by people (without luggage) having sexual assignations. In the past, I used such hotels on several occasions, and found the experience pleasurable; however clear it might have been to the staff what was going on, they treated me and my companion like any other customers. Not sleazy at all.]

There once were, however, many famous no-tell motels, some disreputable, but others nicely appointed. Located along highways, or in out-of-the-way parts of town. And providing discretion to the customers.

One monument of no-tell motels was the infamous Coral Courts Motel off Route 66 in a suburb of St. Louis MO, seen in No-Tell Motel, by photographer Donivan Fox (from 1992):

(#2) From the Fine Art America site

The Wikipedia page:

(#3) Coral Court Motel by photograher John Margolies (1988), showing the individual garages

The Coral Court Motel was a 1941 U.S. Route 66 motel constructed in Marlborough, Missouri (a St. Louis suburb) and designated on the National Register of Historic Places in St. Louis County in 1989 as a valuable example of the art deco and streamline moderne architectural styles. It expanded to 77 rooms in the heyday of automobile tourism on US 66, only to decline after the highway was bypassed by Interstate 44 in the 1970s and close its doors forever in 1993. Despite strong local efforts advocating historic preservation, it was demolished in 1995 for a suburban housing development.
… The ability to rent a room for short periods of time in complete discretion, with motorcars hidden from the street by the individual enclosed indoor garages, enhanced the Coral Court’s notoriety as a popular venue for adultery.

Compare the Coral Court with the El Nido of Miami. From my “love nest” posting:

The notorious fuck motel, on Calle Ocho ((SW) 8th St.), which is its own distinctive neighborhood within Little Havana, next to downtown Miami. A flickr photo by Phillip Pessar, posted on 1/1/11:

(#4) “Love Motels, Calle Ocho Miami: El Nido and Tops: Where you rent the room by the hour. Definitely not for tourists. Update: They are both now closed.”

Tacky, tacky.

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