Breakfast with Francesco Tonelli

Having posted recently several times on still lifes involving foodstuffs, I’ve been getting lots of suggestions from Pinterest of food photography in general (and when I post this, I’ll get even more). Striking among these suggestions: Francesco Tonelli’s album of breakfast photos (on his website, here).

These turn out to have an informal snapshot quality, as if we’re just catching these foods in the act, combined with an extraordinarily sensuous presentation. For example, breakfast PJ&B (peanut butter and jelly — or in this case, jam, which is much more intense than mere jelly):

(#1) Peanut butter and jam, aroused and about to hook up

Now, more from his breakfast album (and then the About page from his website, about who  Tonelli is and what he does).

Everyday items made remarkable.

(#2) Just a soft-boiled egg, in the midst of being eaten

(#3) A playful grilled cheese and egg sandwich

(#4) Sesame bagels, romping

(#5) Essence of a breakfast standard: bacon with eggs, sunny side up: realer than real

(#6) Essence of a breakfast standard: cereal and milk, with almonds and gleaming blackberries, exploding into the air

On the photographer. From his About page (with, of course, some puffery):


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