The town that time forgot

Today’s Zippy, touring the center of historic Dingburg:

A great compendium of Zippy preoccupations: Hostess cupcakes and Little Debbie snack cakes, bowling, Poindexter barbats, topknots, beatniks, and much more. Somehow frozen in a past between 1885 and 1945, so that it’s historical, fantastical, and absurd, all at once.

And then there’s the conversational language: beep, honk, and urp.

3 Responses to “The town that time forgot”

  1. John Baker Says:

    A beatnik? In 1945? Just an error on Griffith’s part, or intentional?

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      A number of the Zippyan preoccupations are from after the 1895-1945 era: almost all of the food stuff, in particular, and of course pinheads themselves.

      Everything happens at once?

      • John Baker Says:

        As I re-read the strip, it’s only the architecture that was frozen by 1945. I guess the culture was frozen at some later point, which could not be any earlier than the late 1950s, when people started saying “beatnik.” I don’t know when people started selling edible underwear. Everything else is datable to before 1945 (although I can’t read all of the signs).

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