I wandered lonely as a pork cloud

Yes, pork cloud. What the Bacon’s Heir company has re-named their version of chicharrones, aka (fried) pork rinds, which they believe are so fluffy that they have to be thought of as pork puffs:

We take fresh pork skin, melt off the fat, cure the skin in salt, and rapidly puff it in olive oil [so: pork skin puffs]. The result is so outrageously fluffy we had to change the name.

To my ear, the name is risible, very close to oxymoronic.

(Hat tip to Kim Darnell.)

Pork Cloud comes in six flavors: rosemary sea salt, Malabar pepper, habanero, pepper, garlic thyme, and cinnamon Ceylon.

From my 3/19/16 posting “Cheech”, on Cheech Marin:

[Wikipedia:] … Marin’s nickname “Cheech” is short for “chicharron”, a fried pork skin that is a popular snack in Mexican cuisine and a favorite of marijuana smokers afflicted with “the munchies”, and the nickname’s alliteration with Chong’s surname made “Cheech and Chong” an obvious choice for the name of the duo.

The nickname. It might strike you that pork rind is an odd nickname, but then chicharrones are a homey, much beloved food, and then there’s the pot-smoking connection, certainly relevant in Cheech Marin’s case. From Wikipedia:

Chicharrón … is a dish generally consisting of fried pork belly or fried pork rinds; chicharrón may also be made from chicken, mutton, or beef.

And on the title of this posting, from Wikipedia:

“I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” (also commonly known as “Daffodils”) is a lyric poem by William Wordsworth. It is Wordsworth’s most famous work.

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