The thieving sap spitter

Today’s Bizarro, which is, well, bizarre:

Not only do we have a thieving bird that carries off letters of the alphabet, we have one that takes them from the cartoon itself. Bizarre indeed.

Perhaps a distant allusion to The Thieving Magpie. From Wikipedia:

La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie) is a melodramma or opera semiseria in two acts by Gioachino Rossini, with a libretto by Giovanni Gherardini based on La pie voleuse by Jean-Marie-Theodor Badouin d’Aubigny and Louis-Charles Caigniez.

The Thieving Magpie is best known for the overture, which is musically notable for its use of snare drums.

(The overture can be heard, and seen, here, in a performance by the Berlin Philharmonic under Claudio Abbado. An extract from it has become famous as the music accompanying the gang fight in A Clockwork Orange.)

The plot turns on the theft of family silver, falsely laid to a servant, but actually the work of a magpie, magpies being famously attracted to shiny things, the way red-breasted sap suckers are attracted to letters of the alphabet.

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  1. Drew Smith Says:

    No, no, it’s a red-breasted sap *spitter*, which explains why the woman is rubbing her eye.

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