Odds and ends

First, on the Eggcorn Database, a new entry for the eggcorn disingenuine (for disingenuous), which has the flavor of a portmanteau of disingenuous and genuine.

Then, a few days ago a friend reported in conversation:

I page-turned for [an organist] several times

This is a two-part back-formed verb, based on the synthetic compound page-turner ‘someone who turns pages for a musician’.

More on page turner in OED3 (March 2005):

(a) a person who turns the pages of a book, musician’s score, etc.; (b) a mechanical device for turning the pages of a book; (c) fig. a very engrossing or readable book.

(The OED has a sub-entry for page-turning, but as yet none for back-formed page turn.)

Two more intransitive musical cites for page turn (out of many):

Six months later Paul, now at Music College and in a relationship with another older man, meets Mansourian again who invites him to page turn at a private event, where he later seduces Paul unaware of his previous connection with Kennington. [about the film The Food of Love, based on David Leavitt’s 2008 novel The Page Turner] (link)

She studied computer music with Geoffrey Wright, producing two original compositions for computer and live musicians, and had the opportunity to page turn for Leon Fleisher. (link)

And then a transitive use:

Shostakovich’s 8th string quartet is notorious for being impossible to page turn. (link)

Now in the world of electronic tablet readers, intransitive page turn is all over the place:

I love my little pocket reader [by Astak]. It is not too small to read, yet it fits into a purse or large pocket. It comes with its own leather case that has a tab closure so it doesn’t accidently open. Took it on a loooong plane ride to Africa and it was perfect. Having many places to be able to page turn is ideal. (link)

Forget laying on my back and holding it above my chest and trying to page turn. Drop it every time. [on the Kindle 3 page-turn buttons] (link)


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