Name that healthcare marketplace

On the front page of today’s NYT: “California Tries to Guide the Way on Health Law” by Abby Goodnough, which begins:

SACRAMENTO — The meeting came to order, the five members of the California Health Benefit Exchange seated onstage with dozens of consumer advocates and others looking on. On the agenda: what to name the online marketplace where millions of residents will be able to shop for medical coverage under President Obama’s health care law.

An adviser presented the options, meant to be memorable, appealing and clear. What about CaliHealth? Or Healthifornia?

Or Avocado?

“I am kind of drawn to Avocado,” declared Kim Belshé, a member of the exchange’s board of directors, which is hustling to make dozens of decisions as the clock ticks toward deadlines set by the law.

The board is hoping that a catchy new name will help spread the word about the exchange, which few people are aware of. A naming decision should be out next month.

We’ll see.


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