Yet another Xmas package

Back in 2010, it was mostly the elves and their packages. This year’s late Xmas entry has cranky Santa:

From Amanda Walker. My friends appreciate my tastes, and on occasion are willing to cater to them.

The 2010 sequence:

from 12/15/10 “The Xmas package”:

From Undergear today, a holiday offer with a pun on package

from 12/17/10 “The Xmas package 2”:

Undergear is at it again, with another Christmas package for lovers of the male body and visual puns — this time with no visible underwear at all

from 12/19/10 “The Xmas package 3”:

Undergear continues its series of Christmas ads playing on package, this time under the heading “It’s what underneath that counts”

from 12/21/10 “The Xmas package 4”:

The Undergear Christmas ads get further and further away from explicit reference to (genital) packages, though the (gift) package remains in the photo — this time with two Santas

from 12/23/10 “The Xmas package 5”:

He’s back, the young man from two previous Undergear Christmas package postings, still in his Santa-red lo-rise hi-def briefs, and so is the play on package


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