The Xmas package 4

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The Undergear Christmas ads get further and further away from explicit reference to (genital) packages, though the (gift) package remains in the photo — this time with two Santas:

Now we’re in the world of hi-def underwear (discussion on this blog here, on my X blog here): instant Basket display (though the images are not technically “adult”, because they don’t show the actual package). From the Undergear catalog, a hi-def jockstrap:

This item comes in black, white, and (illustrated here) royal blue. The ad copy:

Lighten up in this Good Devil mesh jockstrap. Crafted from an extremely soft and stretchy polyamide/spandex blend, this sheer mesh jockstrap delivers a supportive and confident look. The cutting-edge construction allows for maximum breathability while still providing a boosting lift that flatters and feels great. A whole new look in men’s underwear.

As in my earlier examples, the copy focuses on the look of the underwear while still advertising its comfort and good feel.

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