The Xmas package 5

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He’s back, the young man from two previous Undergear Christmas package postings, still in his Santa-red lo-rise hi-def briefs, and so is the play on package:

From inside the catalogue, a different play on words, in the Junk Underjeans line of men’s underwear:

That’s junk ‘genitalia’, as in “Don’t touch my junk” (in airport security pat-downs).

Illustrated above is the Junk Underjeans Paradox Trunk, described in the ad copy as follows:

Sleek stripes give these trunks their inviting appeal. Junk Underjeans is new and one of the most innovative men’s underwear brands in the fashion world today. They’re designed to be worn under jeans with the waistband exposed for a sexy hint of what to expect below. Edgy, urban designs are sure to please after the jeans come off! These unique trunks include a zipper opening in front with metal “J” zipper pull, but your boys are protected from rubbing against the zipper by an imprinted fabric panel inside. A cool tattoo-like design makes an impact on the legs.

As before, the ad emphasizes the appearance of the underwear — in this case, even before, as the copy says, the jeans come off, and afterwards in the edgy tattoo-like design, the Junk logo, and the invitation of the zipper pull. Comfort is served by protecting the wearer’s balls from the zipper.

Note also boys ‘balls, testicles’ in the copy. (Guys is similarly used.)

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