The Xmas package 3

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Undergear continues its series of Christmas ads playing on package, this time under the heading “It’s what underneath that counts”:

As before, I’ve added an item from the catalog, the Good Devil Preview Jockstrap,

described in the ad copy:

Sneak preview. Good Devil preview jockstraps are anything but boring! This eye-catching men’s underwear features printed metallic accents on the outside and a soft and comfortable feel inside the pouch. A sexy cutout preview panel allows for a sneak peak without showing it all off at once— but definitely still gets attention! An undeniably red-hot look, these men’s jockstraps are a playful pick that are fun to wear and leave a lasting impression. A bold Good Devil logo design on the elastic waistband completes the look.

Note the rhyme sneak peak and the alliterative playful pick (which might have been intended to evoke the word prick, to go along with the image).

This time the model’s body is not shaved and smooth; in fact, in the world of underwear models he counts as a pretty hairy man.

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  1. David W. Fenton Says:

    I would count him as “groomed,” since there’s obvious signs of a trimmer having gone over the pecs, and possibly elsewhere.

    I look forward to your more detailed “examination” of body hair in homoerotic imagery someday. It seems to me to be an area quite ripe for some systematic explication, and ideally suited to the kinds of things you’ve been doing in your mapping of the terrain of Gayland.

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