On AZBlogX: b/t coding

A series of postings on my X blog about roles (b vs. t) in sexual encounters in Gayland:

12/17/10: Cocks and cum (link). Two scenes from the gay porn flick Logan’s Journey.

12/18/10: The Bombardier 1 (link). The first of four postings on the gay porn flick The Bombardier.

12/18/10: The Bombardier 2 (link)

12/18/10: The Bombardier 3 (link)

12/18/10: The Bombardier 4: b/t (link)

12/19/10: b/t coding (link). On the importation of gender stereotypes into the b/t split in Gayland.

12/20/10: Roles in Manifest (link). On b/t coding in the gay porn flick Manifest.

1/4/11: Cruisin’: Men on the Make: b/t (link). On b/t coding in another gay porn flick.

1/14/11: Gay for pay (link). On perennial t Chris Rockway. With a bit on the configuration of male-male sex as a buddy relationship (not just as a complex re-inscription of male-female relationships).

[More on gay for pay, on this blog:

What’s the word for this?

http://arnoldzwicky.org/2011/01/17/a-note-on-gay-for-pay/ ]







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