Orchids in the rain

The first of the blooms on the Jacques orchids (as I think of them), in yesterday’s rain:


(Photos by Kim Darnell)

Two inches of rain here yesterday, much more in the mountains. So some local flooding in the flatlands, hydoplaning on some highways, and flash flood watches in the mountains.

The reddish-brown cymbidium in #1 and #2 is a clone of the original Jacques orchid, described in my 2/25/11 posting “Rough winds”, where I noted that it was

a birthday present from me to Jacques in January 1986 (photo by Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky)

Another pot has four flower spikes close to blooming, and there are more to come. You can do a lot of cloning in 30 years.

On cymbidiums in general, with photos of some gorgeous ones, see my 3/6/13 posting about them.

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