Athletica Sport Dick, how I admire thee

(Today’s Daily Jocks dude — call him Jock — showing off his lean muscled body in nothing but a Helsinki Athletica Sport jock, while earnestly appreciating his gorgeous penis (not shown here). Lots of penis-talk, eventually some notes on sculpture — but of naked athletes. Kids and the sexually modest might want to avoid the scene.)

Beautiful penis, wake unto me,
Arousal and dewdrops I am waiting from thee


Do you have a dick that you really love,
One that you feel so groovy with?
You don’t even mind if it’s a bit worn,
That only makes it nicer still.
I love my dick, I love my dick,
My dick is so comfortably lovely.

To come: the Helsinki Athletica ad copy. The Stephen Foster song parodied in the header for #1. The Donovan song parodied in the caption for #1. The slogan I love my dick (with a note on alienable and inalienable possession, and one on personal datives). Beautiful penises. And the pose in #1, combining one convention from classical sculpture (the athlete in repose) and one from male photography (self-regard: contemplating your penis with a gaze downward).

The HA Sport jocks. The ad copy:

Lovers of comfortable, supportive and sporty underwear will truly appreciate the Helsinki Athletica Sport range. The low rise design is great for everyday wear with the soft mesh fabric ensuring all day comfort and you can be sure of excellent support in the dual layered pouch. Available in 3 bold colorways.

The on-line DJ catalog lists three colors — red, “khaki” (which is actually black), and white, but HA also offers blue (as in #1) and grey.

“Beautiful Dreamer”. The sentimental Stephen Foster song, beginning:

Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me,
Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee

The full song performed by Roy Orbison here.

“I Love My Shirt”. From Wikipedia about Donovan’s album Barabajagal:

(#2) Donovan and the Smothers Brothers performing in 1968

Barabajagal is the seventh studio album and eighth album overall from British singer-songwriter Donovan. It was released in the United States on 11 August 1969

Side one: 1 “Barabajagal”, 2 “Superlungs My Supergirl”, 3 “Where Is She”, 4 “Happiness Runs”, 5 “I Love My Shirt”

Side two: 6 “The Love Song”, 7 “To Susan on the West Coast Waiting”, 8.”Atlantis”, 9 “Trudi”, 10 “Pamela Jo”

The shirt verse in the original:

Do you have a shirt that you really love,
One that you feel so groovy in ?
You don’t even mind if it starts to fade,
That only makes it nicer still.
I love my shirt, I love my shirt,
My shirt is so comfortably lovely.

Phallophiliana: I love my dick as a slogan on various objects.

I love cock and I love dick as slogans expressing appreciation of or desire for penises in general (with cock/dick as M(ass) Ns) are available on t-shirts, mugs, buttons, etc. from many suppliers. From my 7/30/17 posting “The queer quilt”:

[panel 4.2  of the quilt:] I ♥︎ 🐓 (conveying ‘I love cock’) t-shirt from CafePress. Other suppliers provide I ♥︎ Cock, I ♥︎ Dick, and I ♥︎ Penis shirts, even I ♥︎ Big Black Dick. Plus straightforward I Suck Cock and Cocksucker shirts (and rebus 🐓🍭 ‘cocksucker’ shirts, with a lollipop, aka a sucker).

And a rainbow-queer I love dick t-shirt:


On to I love my dick shirts (etc.), which are also very common, as here:


The slogan would ordinarily be understood as conveying an appreciation for one’s own penis, especially as the source of sexual pleasure; this takes my penis to be an expression of inalienable possession; see my 7/27/18 posting “Are you my bottom?”, with a section on alienable vs. alienable possession. But alienable readings are also possible; I could, for example, talk about my lover’s penis as my dick if I am viewing it a beloved possession (referring to it more intimately than with the neutral your/his dick or the distancing that dick).

A side note: my dick can also serve as direct object in a personal dative construction: I love me my dick — which can be understood in several ways, but most easily as a variant of I love dick highlighting the speaker’s involvement in the situation. In my 12/17/18 posting “Penguins and packages”, there’s a section on personal datives.

Beautiful penises. #1 is not only about Jock’s love for his penis, but also about the beauty of his penis. There’s a Page on this blog about beautiful cock, with links to illustrations and further discussion. This is all about the penis consdered as an aesthetic object; there’s a separate Page on size postings.

The athlete in repose. Now to the models for the way Jock is posed in #1. First, there’s a long tradition of sculptures of athletes in repose. Three examples:

(#5) Resting Athlete, a Roman marble in Palazzo Altemps, Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome

(#6) Auguste Rodin, The Athlete, 1901-4

(#7) Charles Despiau, Athlete Resting (athlète au repos), c.1929

Self-regard. In #1, Jock is also gazing with pleasure at his dick. A man contemplating his penis with a gaze downward is a fairly common presentation of the male body in (homoerotic) male photography, where our inclination to look first at faces in photographs is exploited by the photographer: we look at the face and then follow its gaze to the central feature in the image, the subject’s genitals. (Or, more subtly, in cropped photos, to his implied genitals.)

A similar strategy is often used in high-end underwear photography, except that the dick and balls are covered (usually, just barely) by cloth — an article of clothing that is in fact the point of the photo. See my 2/20/19 posting “News for penises: notes on phallophilia”, with a section on self-regard, contemplating one’s penis. One shot from that posting:

(#8) Look downward, angel

Get off on his body and, oh yes, buy our really cool underwear!

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