Airing out the naughty bits

(Not much on language here.)

From Xopher Walker recently, a photograph (from 1998, by Keith Munyan) flirting with the X line, the border between sexually suggestive and X-rated. In this case, a glimpse of public hair, but no more:

On Munyan, from Wikipedia:

Keith Owen Munyan, Jr. (born April 10, 1961), is a commercial photographer based in North Hollywood, California, whose client list includes, among others, Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson, and Cindy Crawford. His work has appeared in magazines, album packaging, books, billboards, and calendars.

… For fifteen years before he became a photographer, Munyan was a model. He has appeared in … television programs, [and] … was featured on various calendars and on billboards …, acted in commercials, and modeled swimsuits. He also modeled nude for Playgirl.

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