Found poetry

Adapted from a letter to the NYT Book Review on November 13th (from Scott Lahti of North Berwick ME):

The Remarkable History of
The Passion of Joan of Arc

Thought lost forever,
It was discovered in 1981
In a janitor’s closet
In a Norwegian
Mental institution.

(The reference is to Carl Theodore Dreyer’s 1928 silent film, starring the French stage actor Maria Falconetti.)


6 Responses to “Found poetry”

  1. Scott Lahti Says:

    Now let’s see what, if anything, you as one who puts out the versifier can do with my other two letters this year to the book review of that editorial-suite prince, the good NYT.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      The thing about found poetry is that it comes upon you unawares; you can’t really seek it out. And most writing, even well-crafted writing, doesn’t lend itself to being “versified”.

      Sometimes I just get lucky, as in your case and here. And occasionally I provide fodder for others, as here.

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