The Penguin of Revenge

Passed on by Kim Darnell, a “desktop ally” from the goofy Red Rocket Farm (whimsical on-line site and store):

From their ad:

Most people who incur the wrath of the Penguin of Revenge do not know who to blame, as he is stealthy. One day, your enemies can’t find their car keys, or their phone ends up in the toilet, and it gets so much worse from there. It won’t stop… it never stops.

Once you have enraged the owner of a Revenge Penguin, you have made a powerful enemy.

And from their Facebook page:

Art, stories, products, and other terrible things. The home of “Story Town” and “Free Drawings for Total Strangers”.

The studio of Jason Albin Thomas, where we stay up late making paintings of robots, t-shirts and other delightful things.

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  1. Stan Carey Says:

    Reminds me of Feathers McGraw from Aardman’s claymation short film The Wrong Trousers:

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