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Recently, the WordPress software for this blog has started producing a page of information every time I post something. Among other things, it tells me how many postings I’ve made so far, adds an exclamation of congratulation (“Awesome!” and the like), suggests topics that I might want to blog on (basically, topics for generic school themes), tells me what categories and tags I used, and adds some more I might want to consider. So, for my recent “as would’ve” posting, on categories and tags I got:

You used the following categories and tags: Constructions, Ellipsis, Morphology, Phonology, Style and register, and Syntax.

Add a couple more to make your post easier for others to discover. Some suggestions: cowboys and indians, word sequences, intergalactic battle, cliticization, and unpublished version.

The first is just a straightforward reproduction of the categories I chose. The second is an immensely entertaining gleaning of short phrases from my posting, including the quotations in it (that’s where cowboys and indians and intergalactic battle come from); only cliticization would be genuinely useful to someone searching for content.

Though it would be intriguing to try to weave the full set of phrases into a story.


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