Hipsters, beats, and raconteurs

Zippy has recently run through a series of five strips on these characters, with capsule biographies: Harry “The Hipster” Gibson (9/19), proto-beatnik Lord Buckley (9/20), jazz dj Symphony Sid (9/21), radio monologuist Gene Shepherd (9/22), and beatniks in general (9/23). The series:






The last is a ramble through stereotypes of beat talk. Like, Nowheresville, man.

The one of a kind, way before his time, guy in this set was Lord Buckley. You can listen here to a recording of Buckley doing “The Nazz”, a remarkable recounting of the life of Christ.

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  1. billy collins Says:

    Three of my heroes! The Hipster is new to me but I will plunge into research.

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