News for penguins: yakking it up, chasing bubbles

My friends keep me up to date on entertaining penguiniana I might have missed. Two recent contributions: a video about noisy penguins afflicting a researcher; and a whole fresh area of penguiniana: zoos amusing their penguins with bubble machines (which seem to provide much the same pleasures as falling snowflakes).

(Hat tips to Marina Muilwijk, Chris Ambidge, and Kim Darnell.)

Shut up! A video from BBC Earth — you can watch it here — in which a researcher on Magellanic penguins complains testily, “They’re intractable, they’re noisy, …”:


They’re foreover chasing bubbles. Turns out a number of zoos have acquired bubble machines for the pleasure of their penguins. There are videos from the Edinburgh Zoo here and here. A screen shot:


And on the song, from Wikipedia:

“I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” is a popular American song [a waltz] which debuted in 1918 and was first published in 1919.

The chorus begins: “I’m forever blowing bubbles, / Pretty bubbles in the air”.


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