Camo Traplat poses

(Men showing off their bodies. Racy but not X-rated.)

The main image from yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad, for a sale on Code 22 clothing — with my caption:


Camo Traplat, the
Darling of the locker room,
Flexes for the boys, from
Pecs to glutes,
Sweats up his red-hot
Training tank top.

The front view:


The ad copy, stressing the ineffable virtues of the clothing rather than its carnal attractions:

CODE 22 is an expression of defining men’s swimwear, underwear and sportswear design. CODE 22 gives meaning to the words balance, confidence and masculinity.

Now about the model and his excellent muscular body.

Musclehunks come in a number of varieties. The guy above is wonderfully fit, but notched up a degree into the homofantasy zone: a fantasy sexual partner for many guys, but a body you can appreciate as a beautiful object even if it’s too exaggerated to work as an actual object choice for you. Either way, the guy’s a creation, designed to appeal to men who can fantasize about being him, or doing him, or both.

This particular guy isn’t smooth and sleek like a standard male model, but instead projects a rough-edged butch masculinity: facial scruff and lightly furred body, plus the hyperbolic musculature.

Contrast this with a very different sort of body-type creation: the competitive bodybuilder. Serious bodybuilders aim especiallfor two things: sheer size of muscles, and clear separation of each individual muscle from the others. At its height, this gives us creations like the following:

(#3) Compare this rear view to the one in #1

Two quite different approaches to musclehunkitude.

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