The St. Francis

Not the hotel or the yacht club or the hospital in San Francisco (or the high school in Mountain View or the winery in Sonoma), but the St. Francis Fountain, as celebrated in today’s Zippy:


From its website:

San Francisco’s Oldest Ice Cream Parlor: St. Francis Fountain, home of hearty breakfasts, top-rated hamburgers, and classic soda fountain desserts, 2801 24th St. [hence the title of the strip], San Francisco (since 1918)

Meanwhile, Zippy riffs on “I Left my Heart in San Francisco”.

The exterior and interior, both captured in Bill Griffith’s strip:



[Note: the St. Francis Fountain seems to have moved with the times, or at least the times in the Bay Area: in addition to traditional meaty items, it now offers a veggie burger (but then the earnestness of a veggie burger is undercut by the name it’s been given: the devil burger). Not only vegetarian, but in fact vegan, right down to vegenaise (egg-free mayonnaise-like dressing).]

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  1. snowclones Says:

    I’m fortunate enough to live just a few blocks up the hill from the St. Francis Fountain, so we go a few times a year. Egg cream sodas are really from before my time, but they still do them at the St. Francis, so I have developed a faux nostalgia for them and always have to get one.

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