Wrapping it up

From Max Vasilatos on Facebook, this impractical but entertaining piece of men’s underwear:

The text:

Zakk Present Boxer Brief, men’s underwear (sort of) Low rise forest green [which looks really black in the photo] stretch velvet “Present” short boxer brief with red bow detail. What a great package! Perfect gift idea for men under $30.00

Another play on package, as in many other underwear ads.

For much loucher underwear, see my recent XBlog posting on Mien men (not for the kiddies or the modest, not safe for work).

[Addendum January 15th: A bonus in the text is the attachment ambiguity in

Perfect gift idea for men under $30

— where the intended attachment of under $30 is high, modifying gift idea for men, while the NP is likely to be understood as having low attachment, with under $30 parsed as a postmodifier of men. This possibility has led to some banter on Facebook, along the lines of “I’m easy, but I’m not that cheap”.]

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