Art, politics, and music

… in Zippy’s world today:

Another in a long series of Zippy strips with (a) modern art and (b) specific locations in them. None of these conjunctions are invented. So I’m sure that these are two real pieces in a real place. But what pieces and which place?

If you go to the Zippy website and look at the archive of strips, you’ll find a “Where’s Zippy?” button, which lets you pick a particular strip (by date) and find out what it depicts and where it’s set. Unfortunately, it seems to be several years behind the times, so it will be a while before we find out what’s going on in this one. Anyone know?

Meanwhile, there’s Zippy’s idea that modern art is so satisfying (to him) because it isn’t about anything (unlike much other art and literature in general, which is stuff that’s about stuff). Maybe he should ask how it’s organized. Or what it does. Or what it shows. Or how it works. Or what it feels like. Or something. (Pity the artist who’s applying for a grant and has to supply text along one or more of these lines.)

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