They don’t get it

Short, very common words tend to have a great many senses — more exactly, in such cases there tend to be a great many homophonous lexical items from the same historical source (thanks to semantic shifts and syntactic changes). So, in its main entry for the verb get, NOAD2 has 32 subentries (and then there are lots of idiomatic phrases with get and phrasal verbs with get). And we, um, get things like this scene in a recent One Big Happy:


Ruthie uses get in a specialized sense (‘obtain (a figure or answer) as a result of calculation’), while her grandfather and brother understand it in something like its basic sense (‘come to have or hold (something)’), but here specialized according to the means by which one comes to have something, namely by buying it.

And the title of this posting has a third sense the informal ‘understand (an argument or the person making it)’.

On crooner Tony Bennett, from Wikipedia:

Anthony Dominick Benedetto (born August 3, 1926), known professionally as Tony Bennett, is an American singer of traditional pop standards, big band, show tunes, and jazz. He is also a painter, having created works under the name Anthony Benedetto that are on permanent public display in several institutions. He is the founder of the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria, Queens, New York.


Tony Bennett performing in 2003

As for the Slugman action figure, that seems to be an invention of the cartoonist, but a perfectly plausible one (if Wonder Warthog, why not Slugman?). And there is in fact an OobaKool action figure for the character Mr. Wu in the movie Men in Black 3, an alien with the form of a Chinese slug:


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