Discount tents

From New York Times reporter Margalit Fox on Facebook, this entertaining play on Richard III’s “Now is the winter of our discontents”:


Surely photoshopped, almost surely based on one of the many Mountain Warehouse stores in the UK (and now elsewhere).

For instance, this one in Kendal High Street (Kendal, Cumbria):


Several sites maintain that the shop is in Leicester — but that’s just because that’s where Richard III was buried.

Wikipedia on the chain:

Mountain Warehouse is a British outdoor retailer selling equipment for hiking, camping, skiing, cycling, running and fitness.

Founded in 1997 by Mark Neale; Mountain Warehouse has grown from a single outlet store to over 240 stores in the UK, Europe and North America.

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  1. Jan Bruce Says:

    It looks more like millets to me .. it’s not mountain warehouse stock. The logo is photoshopped for sure but still millets colours

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