Mens Room Sausage

Via Facebook friends, a Seattle specialty that had somehow escaped my attention:

(#1) The studiedly suggestive logo for Uli’s Mens Room Sausage: red devil, tipped tails, and of course the pig for the pork (“Men are pigs, but then we like pork”)

Over the years, quite a few men have savored mensroom sausages with great pleasure. I occasionally chronicle such encounters here. But Uli’s is about actual food:


Yes, there’s a story behind the name. It’s hard to believe people in the company didn’t see the problem with the combination of mens room and sausage. But in any case, they went ahead with it, probably with a guffaw.

From the company site:

Mens Room Original Sausage is a specialty beer bratwurst made in collaboration with 99.9FM KISW’s Mens Room radio show, Elysian Brewing, and the Fisher House Foundation.

… The Mens Room is an afternoon talk show that airs on 99.9FM KISW Monday through Friday from 2PM until 6PM. Listeners from all over the world tune in by radio as well as stream the show online. The station is a Seattle staple, first airing over 45 years ago. Since then, Rockaholics everywhere have formed one of the most dedicated fan bases in the radio world.

Far from being a simple radio talk show, The Mens Room has a long history of supporting local businesses and charities. One such effort came in the form of a partnership between KISW, Elysian Brewing, and the Fisher House Foundation. Together they developed the Mens Room Original Red Ale [first the ale, then the sausage]. Ever since brewing the first bottle, a portion of the proceeds has been donated to Fisher House VA Puget Sound and Fisher House JBLM. As of 2016, those proceeds total over $570,000 and counting.

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