Gender-appropriate playthings

Via Jack Hamilton on Facebook, this cartoon from Shortpacked! by Dave Willis:

Previous postings on this blog: “Dolls and action figures” (on the distinction between the two types of playthings), here, and “Dubious bromanteau” (on brony, bro + pony, as in My Little Pony), here.

On the strip:

Shortpacked! is a webcomic by David Willis set in a toy store. It is part of the Blank Label Comics family. After putting an end to his successful webcomic It’s Walky!, Willis decided to turn Shortpacked!, his autobiographical comic, into a new title. The strip is based in the same universe as It’s Walky! and Roomies!, and features two side characters from the previous comic, Robin and Mike. It is more R-rated than most comic strips that appear in mainstream newspapers, using profanity and sexual innuendos not found in those newspapers. The primary inspiration behind Shortpacked was Willis’ own experiences working retail at Toys “R” Us. (link)

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