A Dinosaur Comics from 7/14/04 (link from Tim Wilson on Facebook):

What’s at issue here is the distinction between a work of art and its digital coding. I don’t know the law here, but I suspect that T-Rex isn’t standing on firm legal ground.


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  1. Walt Becker Says:

    no, he’s not. Because it has always been easy enough to copy something that is legally entitled to copyright protection. It’s been easy to copy a printed book for something like half a millennium. Indeed, the fact that copying is easy is the in an important sense the fundamental justification for having a copy right system — unless there is a legal prohibition on copying, people will do it, to the disadvantage of the authors/holder. That is certainly not to say copyright is a Good Thing or not, only that the fact that there is now (another) way to copy protected works relatively easily does not in any way call into question the premises of a copyright system.

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