Quick shot: return to 24th St.

It’s about diners. It’s about cartoons. It’s about San Francisco. Obviously, it’s about Zippy the Pinhead (from 4/15):

(#1) Yes, some of us left our hearts in San Francisco, but Zippy left his pants

This being a Zippy strip, you are guaranteed that this is a real place; in fact, it’s a pretty famous one (though now closed down, of course). And not only is Zippy returning to 2801 24th St. in SF, we as cartoon readers are returning to this very scene, but with different dialogue.

Previously on this blog, in my 4/30/14 posting “The St. Francis”:

(#2) “Not the hotel or the yacht club or the hospital in San Francisco (or the high school in Mountain View or the winery in Sonoma), but the St. Francis Fountain, as celebrated in today’s Zippy”

(with photos of the exterior and interior)

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