Turkey Perky Jerky

Yesterday morning, foraging in the Whole Foods around the corner for something to take as a food contribution for the annual Palo Alto all-day shapenote singing (we eventually settled on some truly fine smoked trout — see below), Kim Darnell and I happened to walk past the jerky section of the store — who knew there was such a thing? — where I admired some lamb jerky, and then we discovered, groan, turkey Perky Jerky:


First, the smoked trout (which was much admired, and fully devoured), then on to turkey jerky.

(#2) Ducktrap River of Maine Lemon Pepper & Garlic Smoked Fillet Trout

As for Perky Jerky, from their bubbly website:


Perky Jerky is an all natural, premium jerky that is unlike any other!

Tender cuts of meat marinate overnight in a blend of all natural ingredients. Our fans are addicted to the awesome flavor, tender texture and healthy perks!

What makes it so healthy? It’s low calorie, low fat, low carb and a great protein source. Unlike most jerky products ours has none of the bad stuff:


Perky Jerky powers you from workout to night out. It’s great for a quick pre-game boost, busy moms on-the-go, or a mid-mountain hike snack. It’s a functional morning desk snack and the perfect munchie to survive a long road trip. Satisfying and portable, it’s the perfect fuel to do, well, whatever it is that you do!

So what are you waiting for? Try our amazing meat for yourself!

Perky Jerky is available in both beef and turkey in a variety of flavors:

More Than Just Original • Tasty Teriyaki • Brewmaster’s Pale Ale • BBQ With Seoul • Sweet & Snappy • Jammin’ Jamaican • Hot & Bothered

The company is nothing if not playful, and the copy on their website exploits pretty much every sense of jerk you could think of (outside of weightlifting).

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