Ex ūnō plūrēs

(From my back files, a Daily Jocks sex-drenched N2N ad from June 21st, with my caption. Negligible linguistics.)


Studio Groove
Briefs in Coral,
He thought

The briefs
Multiplexed him

Then he was
Two … four … eight!,
Intoxicatingly manifold

Multiply alone,
Longing for
Hot boys in
Neon pink


When he was one:


Two of the unattainable objects of his desire:


Snap the strap: vision 1, in a Classic Cotton Jock in Neon Pink


Pits to prick: vision 2, in a Classic Cotton G-String in Neon Pink

Earlier on N2N on this blog, in the 12/3/15 posting “José Parra”, there’s a section on the L.A. firm N2N (‘next to nothing’), supplying primo homowear (with illustrations).

The DJ copy for #1:

N2N BODYWEAR: Check out the latest new brand DailyJocks has in stock! N2N Bodywear from Los Angeles has created sexy, unique and well fitting apparel for every kind of man. N2N provide a range of collections including underwear, sportswear, swimwear and their playful wrestling range! [wrestling singlets designed for the bedroom, not the gym mat]

And from the UK firm BANG+STRIKE’s site:

Los Angeles based brand N2N is not designed for the shy [amongst] us, with their seriously low cut briefs, tight stretch wrestling singlets and range of sheer and semi-nude underwear and loungewear. BANG+STRIKE introduced N2N to the UK back in 2006 and their loyal customer base continues to grow.

So if you are after the skimpiest of speedos, sheer net briefs or knockout wrestling singlets then N2N is your brand.

Or following the example of Chance the Gardener (“I like to watch”), you could just watch.

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