I Am Your Bottom

(Taste alert: hunky guy in underwear, sexual double entendres. No explicit linguistics.)

(News flash: accompanying “Are You My Bottom?” posting to come soon.)

From Daily Jocks on the 23rd, with my caption:


I Am Your Bottom

SpoJo exudes
Urgent desire
Coupled with
Anxiety verging on
Dread, while his

Fleshy buttocks
Press their own
Cheeky agenda

The DJ ad copy, titled and arranged as free verse:

It all comes down to the pouch

Lovers of comfortable,
supportive and sporty
underwear will
truly appreciate the
Helsinki Athletica
Sport range

The low rise design
is great for
everyday wear
with the soft mesh
fabric ensuring
all-day comfort and
you can be sure of
excellent support in the

The many moods of the model known here as SpoJo:

(#2) Sport Trunk SpoJo, dba PouchMaster

(#3) Sport Jock-Brief SpoJo, performing nitely at the BumBoyRoom

(#4) Sport Brief SpoJo, three-time jizznastics medalist

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