Buttocks display

(Warning: below the fold, naked male buttocks displayed as objects of sexual desire — so not to everyone’s taste.)

An announcement of a new Page on this blog (in the “Xblog essays” section, of rough-edged gay stuff), inventorying postings — annotated, with quotations — on the display of male buttocks as objects of sexual desire. From the prefatory material:

postings listed here are from AZBlog; postings on the LiveJournal blog AZBlogX — http://arnold-x-zwicky.livejournal.com — routinely show buttocks as objects of sexual desire, in displays of the body and in depictions of mansex

this Page is a work in progress; the first draft listed postings only from 8/11/17; earlier postings are added from time to time

An illustration of the sort of thing that gets inventoried, from an item not yet on the Page:

From my 11/9/15 posting “PUMP! Boys and Trojans”: #3 the PUMP! jockstrap: “You can get the rentboy look right there in the gym”, with a caption:

Jockstrap exhibitionist

Sultry Boy
Displays himself.

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  1. Sim Aberson Says:

    From the title, I thought you were going to mention the Best Museum Bum contest.

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