PUMP! Boys and Trojans

(Not much about language here — mostly about men’s bodies and the projection of personas.)

Saturday’s ad from Daily Jocks, which led me to a rich collection of images from the PUMP! underwear firm. Four of them below the fold, and there are also notes.


The lost boy

They crafted his body,
Scupted his abs, his pecs, his
Delts, his quads, pumped up a
Killer package for him, but
Nobody taught him
How to box.

PUMP! specializes in gym-oriented images (pumping iron and all that), though they also have a few pretty-boy models and a lot of models doing the slutty rentboy look, like Dan Bevan here:


Whatever you need

Dan will be your
Bartender with

(Dan’s regular job, outside of modeling, is as a bartender in a Vancouver gay bar.)

Or you can get the rentboy look right there in the gym:


Jockstrap exhibitionist

Sultry Boy
Displays himself.

(Dactyl time!)

In any case, PUMP!’s images lean towards the homoerotic, as in a series of shots of the Minnekhanov twins, Rubin and Reval:



X seeks Y
For pouch play
In neon colors.

(See the Underwear Nation piece of 1/25/13, “The Twin Male Model Debate”, with three sets of twins, including these.)

Finally, here’s PUMP! model Nick Stracener away from PUMP!, in an ad campaign promoting condom use:



Nick wants you –
To wrap it up.

(Nick’s regular job is as a flight attendant, based in Dallas — hence the play on Big D for Dallas and big D for big dick.)

Bonus: the title of this posting. It’s a (distant) play on Pump Boys and Dinettes. From Wikipedia:

Pump Boys and Dinettes is a musical written [premiered in 1981, on Broadway in 1982] by a performance group of the same name. The group, Pump Boys and Dinettes, consists of John Foley, Mark Hardwick, Debra Monk, Cass Morgan, John Schimmel and Jim Wann. The members additionally directed and starred in the Broadway production.

… The musical tells the story of four men (L.M., Jackson, Jim and Eddie) who work at a gas station and two waitresses (sisters Prudie and Rhetta Cupp) at the “Double Cupp Diner,” a dinette, located somewhere between Frog Level and Smyrna, North Carolina. The music is mostly from the country rock/pop music genres. They perform on guitars, piano, bass and kitchen utensils.


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